#‎NoPlaceLeft Haiti

Last week my team and I were walking along the coast of Port Au Prince and we met a guy named Wilkins. He’s a fisherman. After sharing the gospel with him, he turned and believed in Jesus! Fast forward a week. We came back today to follow up with Wilkins but he wasn’t there. He had gone to the market. So we shared with some of his friends and coworkers. Each of them said they could not follow Jesus because they didn’t have clothes to go to church (most “churches” here will actually turn you away at the door unless you have “church clothes”). So we cast vision for Acts 2 church right there on the beach. 3 of them believed! That’s 4 fishermen following Jesus! One of them has a house about 100 yards away. The new church will meet in his home. When we arrived today I was frustrated that Wilkins was not there. But God had a plan. He’s so good. #‎NoPlaceLeftHaiti

@jacobvia sharing the gospel. Three men were saved today! Please pray as we follow up next week and begin discipleship training with them. #noplacelefthaiti #justsharethegospel — with Jacob Via.