#NoPlaceLeft Army

From Jim McKnight:

A short update about generations of churches in the ‪#‎noplaceleftarmy‬ work. 

I have been discipling Justin for about the past two and a half years, I train him weekly in our Church. Justin has been leading a church on Fort Benning for about the past two years. Justin met Tyler about a year ago and began training him to make disciples and multiply churches. Tyler had some experience and training in the West Point Navigators before he came to us. Justin invited Tyler to live in his home for in depth modeling and training. He helped Tyler refine his evangelism and church plating skills. 

Tyler quickly started a church at Fort Benning and led a friend Josh to Christ and baptized him. He continued to lead that church over the next year. Tyler just moved to Hawaii where last night he started the first #noplaceleftarmy church at Schoffield Barracks. We’re excited to see this 3rd Generation Church and 4th Generation disciples at a new army installation! This is a picture of the church starting in Hawaii. Thank you Jesus! Please continue to pray for 2020 churches led by laborers like this across the 30 major army installations by 2020.

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