#NoPlaceLeft Nashville

From James H. in Nashville:

Vision of Blocks story: I asked my Nepali HBB disciple Samuel to write up this dreams & visions story to share with my NPL family.

Hi my name is Samuel. I have been following Jesus for the last four to five years learning how to better grow as his disciple. James has taught me to listen to God and ask him to give me dreams or visions to help people. We had a team of 40 college students here in Nashville, TN. They were here to go out prayer walking. I was there when they were talking about their weekend. I have learned to ask the Holy Spirit to show me the leaders in a group like that. I asked God to give me a person to encourage and a vision to give to them. 

I closed my eyes, and I saw a body made of blocks that were so weak that wind could knock it over. Under that body was a box that was keeping it up. There was a big wave that came and tried to knock the block body over but it didn’t even move an inch. The Holy Sprit also showed me the person with whom to share it, but I didn’t share it when I had the chance. I told James what I saw after the team left, and he said he could drive me to where the team was staying. 

We went and met Andrew, the student I’d had the vision about, and I shared with him what God had given me. I told him that the blocks meant he was weak without God and that the box underneath him was God keeping him up. The wave didn’t knock him over because he had God with him. That’s what made him a good leader. Andrew was shocked and amazed that God could show us things like that. He also told us he wasn’t really a social person, and that’s what the interpretation of the body made of little blocks meant. He was blessed by the fact that out of everyone there, God told me to tell him he was a leader. 

Next, I prayed over him. I asked God to give him strength to overcome his weaknesses, asked for a double portion of the Holy Spirit to be upon him, and I asked God to bless him and to give him the eyes to see the unseen, the mouth to speak God’s good news, and the ears to hear the Holy Spirit. I anointed him with oil, and I gave the oil to him so he could walk in his new leadership anointing and bless people. 

When I saw Andrew first, I really didn’t notice him. It was later that God showed me that he was a leader. I learned that I shouldn’t judge people by the way they look, but I should learn about them first and get to know them.


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