#NoPlaceLeft West Point

From Charlie P. at West Point

Everyone! Just wanted to tell you it’s been 1 week since the NPL training. Saturday night when our church met was a sweet time. Nick and Ben had already started a church. Countless gospel shares throughout the week for many of us. A renewed vision for the importance of obedience to our King. Jonah wants to lead the church when I leave; he believes he and everyone there can be an elder in the churches they start. A couple of the biggest takeaways from the church that were very evident from our time together Saturday evening were the realization and desire for everyone to start a church
who hasn’t yet and a renewed heart for the lost around us. Almost every high and low had to do with gospel shares. They really appreciated how simple and to the point the training was. What was sown last weekend will reap huge fruit over the next year. Saying “Thank You” is not really sufficient, but we receive it all from God and are thanking Him. God first loved us, and His love is compelling us now.

I believe in #NoPlaceLeftUSMAbyMay2017



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