#NoPlaceLeft Los Angles

#NPLLA went out on a House of Peace Search and here’s their report!


“Thanks for praying guys! We had 3 people decide to follow Jesus and a couple more yellow lights!!

“A few weeks ago we shared the gospel with a 19yr old girl in our neighborhood. She was tearing up, decided to follow Jesus as her King, and then immediately took us into her house and shared the gospel with her sister’s boyfriend, L! We’ve been discipling them together now, and Sunday we went over the command to be baptized and then L was baptized!

Weeks prior to this, we had encountered a Christian living right next door to my teammate’s house. He told us he used to share the gospel with people on the streets of Guatemala but hasn’t done it in years. Unfortunately there was a significant communication barrier because he mainly speaks Spanish and our team does not.

Well last night I took L over to this mans house and he translated / trained him how to share the 3 circles and make an oikos map!

We needed an English&Spanish speaking laborer, and God provided the answer — out of the harvest!! Praise Jesus!”