#NoPlaceLeft Leadership

Troy Cooper, I attroy_coopertended the fifth of five training sessions “SHARE THE GOSPEL – TRAINING” at Bay Area Community Church (BACC) in Annapolis, MD, last night (June 21st, 2016). Pastor Greg St. Cyr, Lead Pastor of BACC, publicly referred to and credited you Troy Cooper andJonathan-Lauren Dobbs, Jonathan Dobb
, as key leaders that were instrumental in seeing that this training was accomplished. Troy Cooper, your two words that you responded to Pastor Greg with (Elevate Lostness) were very impactful. During the five sessions over the last ten days, over 700 people from BACC were trained in Sharing The Gospel. I want to thank you and encourage you as you continue the work that God has given to you.

With much respect, Frank burton frank centurion. “Put the dooah in the hooah”