#NoPlaceLeft Ecuador 

unnamed-2The couple in the middle of
the picture are Pastor Carlos and his wife Catalina.  They are disciples of Pastor Antonio Lucero in Macas.  Even thought the landslide that eliminated our mountain road made our six hour trip a 13 hour trip, it was worth it just to meet them.  They work in the Jungle community of Huamboya.  They are working to find houses of peace in 8 jungle communities populated by the Shuar people.  Here is a “God story” from one of those communities:

There is much “shamanism” in these communities and some of the people in one of them told Carlos and Catalina not to come back or they would kill them. But they kept going back and sharing.  One afternoon, in the middle of the day, one of the houses in that community burned down and a very young boy died in the fire.  As often happens in those communities the family began to look for the responsible person with plans to kill them.  There hearts were full of vengeance.  One night the dad had a dream.  In this dream the boy appeared to the dad and told him “I am not suffering, I am in a beautiful place.  Stop trying to find who did this.  I tried to light the stove and it exploded.”  When the dad shared it with the boys’ uncle, the uncle said “I had the same dream on the same night as yours.”
They took it as a sign from God and the next time they saw Carlos and Catalina, they told them to come and share with them.  Please pray that they will find houses of peace and key disciples in each community who can be trained to reach more Shuar communities.
On left is Cesar and his son Jared.  Cesar is a “timothy” in training with Antonio who went with us to Huamboya.
Bob and Mary