#NoPlaceLeft Mexico


PRAAAISE!! Jesus is moving in Monterrey, Mexico & mightily using our South FL bro Agustin “Oggie” Martin who led the entire 2-day training in Spanish last weekend.  This city/area ravaged by drug cartel since 2009 w unspeakable violence–super broken place!!  We arrived late Thurs & early Fri modeled in harvest w 2 paunnamed-4stors & saw 4 households come to faith. 134 trained Fri night & had 60+ all day Saturday including 6 pastors & lead apostle. Said they’ve praying/fasting for a simple, effective training to apply & share w others. During 1hr HoP search, 30 homes engaged & 24 households came to faith!!!!! The harvest is PLENTIFUL!!!!! Oggie is there this week to MAWL leaders w training, harvest, follow-up, the commands & church starts. The pastors have released baptism & want to start churches (baptism already multiplying in the harvest).  They have vision for their city, Mexico & the nations.  Said they’re tired of s
hort term teams coming to build buildings–lost people on st teams hurt their reputation in the community–prayed to God that teams would stop coming & now they’re so so excited a teaunnamed-3m came to build the Kingdom & show them how to do it themselves!!! Oggie is leading 2nd 2-day train
ing at different Monterrey location this weekend & swarming w fruitful folks from last weekend. He’s 

also bringing some of these new trainers w him to swarm Costa Rica next month for 1st Christian Surfer touch. He’s a BEAST!!!! Been praying/fasting for this
Spanish-speaking leader in South FL! Praise Jesus! He provided!! I’m amazed by what God is doing there.  This place is RIPE–both harvest & local church!  I’m overwhelmed, praising Jesus & learning!! Pls continue to pray!

From Troy C.