#NoPlaceLeft Haiti

Update: Just received this update from a person of peace we discovered in the field in July. I trained him for only 1 month and then left. This is what has happened in the days since (August and September). The HS works when we get out of the way! The following is his message in his own words:

So I would like to let you know that we found a peace place at St. Marc that we can train the new Leaders and the new Leaders will train the Future Leaders, I thankfulness God for that we praise the Lord Jesus Christ, that train place will is the Gospel training place, for training and study the word of God and Obey the nine (9) Commands of Christ.

So we keep share the God’s news. WE GOING!!! We not sitting back at the Church we DO Mathew 28 v 19- 20. WE GO! And keep planting more churches baptize them. Instruct, train them to follow and obey the nine (9) Commands of Jesus Christ and making the Disciples and multiply Disciples for Jesus Christ. so I thankfulness God, for that we praise Lord Jesus Christ.