#NoPlaceLeftLaos #NoPlaceLeftIssan

Yo, super excited about two simultaneous trainings going on this week.

In Laos our team is working with 1st gen leaders who are training 2nd gen leaders to do T4T groups in their local tribal heart language. They memorized biblical stories and accompanying Scripture.

In northeast Thailand me and Steve Parlato are equipping legacy pastors (and new believers) to make family maps, find Families of Peace, Prayer Walk, tell the Creation to Christ Story and do T4T groups. Today’s field 14434992_10154344186140923_2523730115175039136_oreport:14370338_10154344186145923_5845825035795771814_n
19 = prayers were prayed
15 = testimonies were shared
17 = Gospel presentations
43 = Strangers heard the Good News!