#NoPlaceLeft Costa Rica to Jefferson, GA

11Wednesday, Oct 5thPaolo dad, baptized Paolo Jr. after Paolo Jr. confessed Jesus as Lord and asked to be baptized. Paolo dad confessed Jesus as personal Lord & Savior just last Saturday. Paolo dad obeyed in completing his oikos map, praying and sharing his testimony and the gospel – goals set from last Saturday.

Saturday, Oct 1, 2016, Paolo, another parent on our local soccer team, repented & believed in Jesus and got baptized last night in our home the same night. Afterwards, we trained Paolo on his new identity as an ambassador for Christ and Paolo began identifying people in his life that are far from God using an Oikos Map. After practicing sharing the gospel using 3 circles and his 15 second testimony, Paolo felt compelled to share his life story with us over the next 3 hours.

Tuesday, Sept 27th, we accompanied Amanda to close friends of her (oikos) in Lawrenceville, GA where we shared the gospel using 3 circles with Francisco and his wife, Noris.  Both Francisco and Noris put their faith in Jesus and got baptized the same night.  After baptizing Francisco, Amanda, our new believer, asked Noris if she wanted to obey Jesus and get baptized.  At first, Francisco asked that I baptize Noris but after I assured him that he was a disciple of Jesus and priest of his home, Francisco agreed to baptize Noris!

Returned from facilitating Costa Rica No Place Left training Monday, Sept 26, arrived in Jefferson, GA to find my mother Amanda and Edgar, my step dad, at our home visiting! We shared the gospel using the 3 Circles presentation and Amanda put their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Amanda then shared the Gospel with Edgar who also believed. We trained on our Identity in Christ, Oikos Mapping, and our Vision for No Place Left. Jacob, our 12 year old, baptized grandma Amanda in our tub and grandpa Edgar at Crows Lake in Jefferson, GA the same day, Monday, Sept 26th.(see below)

Jacob baptizing Grandma Amanda Jefferson, GA

Jacob baptizing grandpa Edgar Crows Lake Jefferson, GA

Left: Jacob leading 3 youth to Christ while sharing the Good News    Right: Josiah after sharing the Good News at Fanny’s door

Costa Rica #No Place Left Training from Sept 22 to Sept 25 was a blessing!
+18 Confessions of Faith for Jesus,
+6 Baptisms,
+3 Timothy’s rose up out of training and #No Place Left Vision is caught!
+Dozens of Christians trained on how to make Disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches 

Left Below: Andy with Orby (former thief, now an Ambassador for Christ who baptized his wife and two other people from his neighborhood – in 2 days of confessing Jesus and getting baptized himself! Right: Andy with Gustavo Rojas after confessing Jesus as Lord & Savior at the Enterprise Rent A Car in Costa Rica, upon arrival

Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2016 Daniel and I were encouraged to get time with Joey, the discipleship pastor at Galilee Christian Church. He has been training broadly, and has seen 2nd generation new believers and baptisms! Joey is going to focus on equipping his new disciples to make new disciples and to gather a local disciple making team sent out into the harvest by Galilee! #noplaceleft #4fields #3circles 

From Daniel

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