Two weeks ago I was preparing to go on #escapeandpray (we turn up at an airport with nothing and get given a plane ticket to somewhere in Europe- Luke 10 style)

We ended up in Debrecen, Hungary and my prayer was “Jesus I would love to see people come to faith, be baptised and start a church”

We came home and 2 days later in Moss Side we bump into a young guy from Debrecen!!!

Last night he and his brother surrendered their life to Jesus! There were tears of joy!!

Tonight Keith (who we met on the streets 2 months ago) baptised Attila!!!
Then Attila immediately baptised his little brother!!

They couldn’t sleep last night they were so excited! Now they have said they “feel brand new”

We’ve shared food, prayed prayers over each other and now we’re teaching them how to make other followers of Jesus, it’s the way of Jesus, it’s the way while cities and regions were reached with the good news of Jesus.

Nicholas Steven Duffy