Two Testimonies:

A woman in the jungle area of Sucua, Ecuador drank liquid weed killer in an effort to commit suicide.  The doctors in Sucua told the family that there was nothing they could do as she had destroyed her internal organs. They sent her to a larger hospital in Cuenca, Ecuador for a second opinion.   The doctors in Cuenca told the family the same thing as the doctors in Sucua.  They said there was no hope. A family friend in Sucua called a Cuenca Pastor and told him the situation.  This Pastor is making disciples who are making disciples.  He went to the Hospital with three of his disciples.  The prayed for the woman. She was instantly healed and she and her husband prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The doctors were amazed and asked the Pastor to give them his phone number.

A pastor working in a very poor and dangerous area near  Guayaquil, Ecuador  trained 8 couples in the four fields process.  In 9 months they led 159 people to Christ, and started disciple making in 30 houses of peace.

Bob & Mary Burton