describes the Phases below with some snazzy verbiage!

Phase 1


Identification of a team willing to take ownership in implementing a church planting strategy among this people group.

This team has legitimate access to the people group.

Phase 2


Reports of workers sharing the Gospel with this people group with the intention of planting churches.

Phase 3


Reports of multiple people responding to the Gospel with repentance and faith.

Multiple people showing obedience through baptism.

Phase 4

Local Church

Indigenous churches meeting together regularly for worship and teaching God’s word.

Indigenous leaders emerging among these churches.

Phase 5

Churches Reproducing

Indigenous churches sending indigenous church planters out to plant churches among this people group.

Observing 2nd generation groups and churches beginning to form.

Phase 6

Churches Multiplying​

Indigenous churches and leaders multiplying to the 4th generation.

Authority freely passing down from generation to generation.

Phase 7

Sustained Gospel Presence​

10% of the people group population following Christ and worshipping in local churches.


Emergence of several indigenous multiplying church planting networks.