#‎NoPlaceLeft Haiti

Three men were saved today! Please pray as we follow up next week and begin discipleship training with them. #noplacelefthaiti #justsharethegospel

#NoPlaceLeft Corpus Christi

12745900_10100290061496350_2881477656799670261_nFrom Jeff V.

4G Churches in Corpus Christi, Texas. This church has multiplied itself four times from their trainer in another city. Jeff and Joy have been trying to reach the city for a year and a half but really saw things move forward when they met and trained Sean and Claudia. He caught the vision for generational discipleship and church planting and Jesus has done some amazing things in the city. Jeff and Joy are being moved in their business to the Rio Grande Valley while Sean and Claudia will keep things going in Corpus.


#NoPlaceLeft Omaha

Lee Cordell
Omaha, NE

12672028_10208094135928037_3963509437442977612_oDiscipling Toward a Decision:

When we implemented No Place Left strategy about two years ago, I invited several people to join a Bible study for unbelievers who were interested in learning more about the Bible. I had two guys show up and they have been the most faithful attenders of any group I have ever led. We did a Creation to Cross study, then the gospel of John and now we’ve moved into Mark. At numerous times, I almost gave up but every time I started to quit, they would take an obedience step to show that they were really engaged.

Tracey (pictured) began taking big steps toward Jesus. One night I asked what the difference was and he shared that he had been praying through James 4:6-10 each morning before work. (I had preached a sermon on that passage and he kept the notes in his truck. The date on the notes was January and it was September when we had this conversation).

We talked and he said that he wanted to follow Jesus. I told him the next step was to get baptized and he balked. I hit him with the baptism hammer in Acts and he said he knew he should but just wouldn’t. Last week he said he was ready. When I asked why he said, “Well, we read Mark 8:38 – For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father and with the holy angels. This is my obedience step. It’s time to stop playing around with it.”

(The look on my face and the laughter is because he didn’t listen to the “bend your knees and then stand back up. I about threw my back out picking up the dead weight. Ha!)