Dublin Summit – 2017

1. Devotional

Steve Smith

2. CPMs, the Father’s Heart, and 4 Fields

Steve Smith

2b. CPM Lessons Learned

Steve Smith

3. Overview of the Western World

Jeff Sundell

4. German Case Study

Marcus Rose

5. NC State Case Study

Berk Wilson

6. Global Network Case Study

Chuck & Deb Wood

7. Houston Case Study

Ray & Sara Vaughn

8. European Case Study


5. Essex Case Study


6. Manchester Case Study


7. Asheville NC Case Study

Daniel Reese

8. Paris Case Study

Bill Campbell

9. Czech Republic Case Study

Nathan Beck

10. South Florida Case Study

Troy Cooper

11. What are we Learning?

Steve Smith

11b. Key Questions

Steve Smith

12. Steve Addison Devotional

13. Jeff and Angie Devotional

14. Work Group Definitions and Assignments

Steve Smith

15. Multiplying CPM Hubs

16. Equipping Elders from the Harvest

17. Relationship with the Legacy Church – Work Group Discussion

17b. Relationship with the Legacy Church

18. Insiders & Outsiders

19. The Cost

20. Work of the Holy Spirit – Signs and the Supernatural 

21. Sustaining CPMs

21b. Sustaining CPMs in Europe

22. Mobilization for CPMs (Including Double-Vocationals)

23. Apostolic Teams

24. Fractured Oikos

25. Use of Media

26. Rhythm of Double-Vocationals

26b. Competing Models

27. North America Take Aways

28. Dublin Summit – Final Charge

Steve Smith

29. Dublin Summit – Prayer Time