NF 4 Fields Training Videos

 #NoPlaceLeft Vision

411 Intro

 Identity – 2 Cor 5:17-21 (411:Why?)

Oikos Map (411: Who?)

15-Second Testimony (411:What? pt1)

Three Circles (411: What? pt2)

Transition to Baptism (411:What? pt3)

Set Goals (411:When?)

House of Peace (Luke 10)

Four Harvest Options

Debrief Harvest (Luke 10 HoP Search)

Three Thirds (3/3s) Discipleship Format

Five Parts / 4 Fields

Church Circle (Acts 2:36-47)

Weekly Rollout Training

Bi-Vocational Weekly Rhythm

Four Responses to the Gospel

Person of Peace (John 4)

Modeling Command of Christ 1: Repent & Believe

Modeling 411 Training

Training and Teaching

SWARM Training

“Three Touches in 3 Days” Training (Rural Context)

Three-Touch Training Cycle