Van Time with Chuck & Deb

Episodes 21-30

Chuck and Deb talk about everything “Life” as it relates to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

VAN TIME –  Why so much gospel talk? – Episode 21

I talk about why I try to share the gospel daily

Van Time –  Spiritual Warfare – Episode 22

I talk about my time with Abraham and Spiritual Warfare (Dan 7.25)

Van Time – Seven Seconds of Insanity – Episode 23

We talk about how to spot a real Person of Peace, Bridges to the Gospel, Seven Seconds of Insanity, and Deb’s most important lessons learned

Van Time – Reaching Your Neighbors – Episode 24

Chuck and Deb talk about how they engage their neighbors with the gospel

Van Time – Keepin’ it Simple – Episode 25

Chuck and Deb talk about how simplicity in ministry leads to reproducing ministry

Van Time – Be Doers – Episode 26

Deb and I talk about the importance of application focused Bible Studies

Van Time – Moms, Kids, and Church – Episode 27

Deb and I talk about the challenges to keep moms and young kids engaged in our churches

Van Time – Balancing Life – Episode 28

Deb and I have fun talking about balance (or the lack there of) in our lives

Van Time – 10 Tips for Prophets – Episode 29

Deb and I talk about ten things that would help prophets

Van Time – 411 in Yoakum, Texas – Episode 30

Chuck and Brett train 22 people to share the gospel using the 4-1-1. We engaged 50 people, prayed for 30+, shared the gospel with 17, and were invited back to study the Bible by 5 families.