Van Time with Chuck & Deb

Episodes 1-10

Chuck and Deb talk about everything “Life” as it relates to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Van Time – New Series! – Episode 1

Deb and I thought we’d make an addition to my YouTube Channel where we talk about the things of life and ministry together as we drive. We’re calling it “Van Time with Chuck and Deb.”

Van Time – Swedish Fish and Quiet Times – Episode 2 

We talk about Deb’s love for Swedish Fish and what we are getting out of the Word in our time with Jesus. We also shared the gospel with Morria in Las Cruces

Van Time – Top 10 Intimacy Needs – Episode 3 

Chuck and Deb reach into their kitbag of pre-marital counseling tools for a sure fire way to improve all of your relationships

Van Time – Welcome Baby Owen and Quiet Times – Episode 4 

Deb and I welcome Baby Owen, born to our youngest son, Wes and his beautiful wife, Tina. We also share the things we are getting out of the Word.

Van Time – Man, Mission, Mate, and Butterfingers – Episode 5 

Deb and I use a story out of Genesis 2 to talk about how to prepare for marriage and choose a mate.

Van Time – Three Circles of Relationships – Communication – Episode 6 

Deb and I discuss the first circle of relationships, communication. We are also excited about the San Antonio 4 Day Intensive this weekend

Van Time – Three Circles of Relationships – Trust – Episode 7 

Deb and I talk about the second of the 3 Circles of relationships, trust. We also share our thoughts about a very well done 4 Day Intensive Training

Van Time – It Happened Suddenly! – Episode 8 

My brother Mike was visiting for Thanksgiving and we hear his thoughts on 2 Chronicles 29.36

Van Time – Five from Hezekiah – Episode 9 

My brother Mike gives us 5 very important points for successful leadership and ministry

Van Time – On to Ecuador! – Episode 10 

Deb and I head to Ecuador to do a Mid-Level Training with the Team