Kenya for the King

Ben leaned in, attentive to every word that Jack shared with the crowd about this Jesus who intrigued him. For several nights in a row Ben had listened to this young man Jack who had flown to Ben’s homeland Kenya as Jack followed the Lord’s clear direction for him to go even though he didn’t have any connections. As he listened to Jack, Ben was convinced that there was no other life he wanted apart from Jesus. Christ would be King of his life from this day forward. 

Making Jesus King meant that everything changed for Ben. He started receiving training virtually from Jack who trained him in the four fields, tools for gospel sharing, the importance of baptism, and simple church formation among other topics.

Ben started sharing with everyone he could in his village, and within a matter of weeks dozens of people were giving their lives to Jesus and getting baptized and in turn telling others about the good news! Ben shared with a woman named Rose who came to faith. She in turn shared with her husband named Mike who also came to believe. Before this, he had an alcohol addiction and abused his wife. After seeing Mike’s transformation, the other wives in the village encouraged their husbands to listen to the gospel too and some of the men started changing as well. The gospel changes lives!

Ben leads a house church and each of the units in the house church also lead another church in their own homes. In the two years since Ben came to faith, he and his spiritual descendants have seen church multiplication to the fourth stream and have witnessed over 2000 baptisms that have spread into neighboring countries! God is on the move in Western Kenya and beyond!

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