Worship in Your Heart-language

A persecuted people group in one of the more war-torn countries gathered together for an intensive. A local laboring team led them in a time of digging deeper into biblical principles and strategies for continuing disciple-making movements. As they met, they were worshipping together using what was described as “generic” common-language worship songs. They were singing songs from other people groups.

Some of the participants shared that their house-church had written their own worship song. They did not write the song from a directive, but out of a desire to worship personally. Those participants led the rest in singing the worship song. Something amazing was happening: a group of believers wanted to make worship personal for their people group and wrote the people group’s first worship song. They were making their church their own in line with God’s Word.

I will teach the path of the cross
Jesus, teach me to love my enemies
I will lift up my hands to heaven
Jesus help me to take up my cross

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