His Plans Not Ours

A Quick Turn Of Events

“I guess the Lord has other plans.” Though they were disappointed by the many closed doors for entering Uganda and nearby countries due to Covid, John and Janelle trusted that the Lord had other plans for them.

At 3am one night they heard that their friend’s brother had suffered a massive heart attack. Their friend was to lead a short term trip to Central Asia from America leaving in just two days. At 6am John and Janelle rose as normal and began spending time with the Lord. As Janelle prayed, she thought the Lord was impressing that John was supposed to lead the trip in their friend’s place.

She turned and said, “John, I think you’re supposed to go on the trip.”

“Wow, it’s incredible that you just said that because the Lord had just laid the same thing on my heart as well.” John replied.

John reached out to his friend, and his friend remarked, “Wow, John, I was just thinking that God wanted me to ask you to replace me.” The confirmation was clear.

Unexpected Openings

A day and half later, John boarded a plane headed to Central Asia. Part of the group desired to share the gospel in a laborer housing facility where workers from around the world lived. John had heard that it was very difficult to get into the camp, and they knew of no other Bible studies or church meetings inside. There were three dormitories, and at least 1,000 residents in each.

The manager of the facility was a Muslim from Pakistan. After talking together for a while and sharing a soda, John asked if they could meet in one of the dorms with the men. He said that as long as no one complained, it was ok by him. That led to four nights with around eight to ten people from Africans which led to the start of a house church!

To John’s surprise, the most receptive people they encountered during his time there were not from Central Asia, but were international workers from Africa who had found jobs in Central Asia. They were even specifically from Uganda and the other specific nations that John had recently experienced repeated closed doors for entering. God’s plans are better than our own!

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