Giving Life on the Edge of Death

Abe is a refugee in the Middle East.  He was once a sort of tribal elder to whom many looked for resolving conflicts. It was in his home country that he met Jesus. However, time and the realities of war have caught up with him and, as his health declined, he was rushed to the hospital.  The local network of believers felt the stress of concern for his health and possible loss. Although he is not an elder of the church, he is held in high esteem.

More than a half-dozen distant family members came to visit Abe in the hospital.  Despite his health, Abe rallied his strength to share the gospel with each.  And each came to faith in Jesus!  

Abe knows that their new faith isn’t the end.  They too know it’s an exciting beginning. Each desires to be equipped and discipled so that they too may share with others.  Though he does not feel that he has the strength to disciple these new believers, he’s looking to other believers in the network to come alongside and pour into them.  Abe isn’t alone and won’t leave these new believers to be alone, here or in eternity.

The time of Abe’s hospitalization to this post being written is brief. In that time, Abe has since shared with several others who likewise came to faith in Christ. He has recovered and is out of the hospital. If you would like to learn the gospel or how to share with others, tools have been made available here.

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