A Vision for His People: Person of Peace

Shawn searches for a Person of Peace
Shawn is searching for a Person of Peace for his countrymen in many cities

Shawn is a part of the global migration of people. Like so many others, he no longer lives in his home country of Iran. He loves Jesus and wants to see others to likewise know Jesus as Lord. The Four Fields was introduced to Shawn by other believers in his Middle Eastern nation of residence. His heart became burdened for his other Iranian countrymen in the nation. So Shawn and a friend set out daily to share the gospel among Iranians and Afghans.

Beyond reaching people near him, Shawn has a vision to see a person of peace discovered in several dozen cities in the country in which he lives. It’s a bigger-than-him task, but he is faithfully going forward. As he remained faithful and went into a new city, God led him to another Iranian brother, also a believer. This brother was touched by Shawn’s big vision for God’s name to be known among their people. He asked Shawn to disciple and equip him to be the person of peace in his own city, that he may be a part of seeing their people reached.

Shawn is, of course, so very excited. As of this post, he is spending a few more days with this new person of peace. Shawn’s task is to equip him to reach others. Their hope and our prayer is that by the end of the next few days, they will have the start of a church meeting in this brother’s home.

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