Gospel: Relating to the Well

Sharing Gospel in Middle East
Mari hears about another hurt woman who met Jesus at a well
Encounter at the Well

In the Middle East, Mari was working on a slow night. A couple of ladies came in and began a conversation with her. They shared about the Father’s love, including how that love was offered to her. Moved by this truth, she began to open up to the ladies. Mari shared about her divorce and other hard things in her life.

While sharing about herself, she spoke of her love of drawing. A reoccurring drawing of her’s is a women in a desert getting water with a big jar. Excitedly, the ladies shared about another divorced woman who met Jesus while drawing water from a well (John 4). Like the woman at that well, Mari was thirsty for more than water. She was amazed and touched, inviting the ladies to meet her family.

Sharing in her “village”

Since their conversation, Mari has been growing in faith. She has read the entire book of John. She has prayed to the Father for healing for her niece and saw her prayers answered. And, she has shared about Jesus with her entire family!

Just the day before this post was written, Mari invited the ladies back to her house to share more with her family. Mari and the ladies are excited for what the Father is doing in “hard ground” that is proving to be quite fertile for His harvest.

They ask for prayer that there may be more meetings, as well as for the family to believe the same message of hope as Mari has come to believe.

We celebrate stories like Mari’s! Such stories can be celebrated because of disciple-makers that faithfully share the gospel story. We have gathered simple tools to equip such sharing of the gospel here. If you are looking for others to work with alongside in your own region, reach out to connect.

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